Please join us in Las Vegas for Lean Startup Conference

November 14th - november 16th, 2018

11/5/2018 - 11/9/2018

Virtual Warm-Up Week

Get in the mood for some serious discussions by signing up for one (or all) of our warm-up week virtual sessions!

We will have 3 interview-style events, each featuring a unique subject matter expert. The best part? It’s free to attend. Join us!

11/15/2017 6PM - 9PM

VIP Dinner at Gordon Biersch

Join us for an exclusive networking dinner in Las Vegas. Learn, discuss and share your experiences with like-minded executives, lean practitioners and thought leaders whose mission is bringing innovation to their organization. Space is limited, so save your spot today:

11/14/2018 - 11/16/2018

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Stop by the Speed Mentoring Headquarters powered by Moves the Needle for a free group mentoring session with an industry expert. There will be sessions all three days.

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Moves the Needle is one of the foremost experts in the emerging science of entrepreneurship, I’ve seen them teach Customer Development and it’s practical, action-oriented, and persuasive. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting them at several conferences, and they always deliver.
— Eric Ries, Author, The Lean Startup

Attend Brant Cooper’s Workshop

Vanity vs. Impact: How to Identify your Most Valuable Metrics Using the Customer Journey

November 14, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Presented by Brant Cooper

Experience Level: All Levels

Content Best For: Enterprise, Small Business, Startup


People manage what they measure. Whether you are launching or scaling a startup or building an enterprise innovation transformation program, the process is the same. Discover the Diamond Nugget in your Data. The metrics you establish will determine whether you will be managing success or failure. This skill building workshop will teach you HOW to establish the right metrics you should be measuring based on your market segment, value proposition, and phase of growth.

Download the Value Stream Discovery Board and learn more about how to use it before his session by checking out our recent blog post “How To Nail Your Most Valuable Metrics Using The Customer Journey” below:

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